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AD + B Type holders in which coolant passes through the flange of the holder.

AD + B Holders with Face Coolant Channels are called as AD + B FCC holders Coolant directly falls on the cutting edges of the tool through FCC holes. It increases the tool life.

ER ‘M” type collet chucks are as per standard DIN 6499.
ER M type collet chucks are precision and delicate holders with minimum diameter of the NUTS. M type ER Nuts are to be tightened with M type spanners with care.
Excessive tightening may break the fine threads of holder.
These type holders are to be used for Axial Loads.

CSMA holders are Combi Shell Mill Adaptors, as per standard DIN 6358.
Face Mills can be used along with Driver Ring.
Slitting Saw Cutters or Side & Face Cutters can be used by putting the Key .

FMH holders are Face Mill Holders, as per standard DIN 6357.
It is best Suitable for Face Mill Cutters , which is Best for Face Milling & Side Milling.

SLA is a Side Lock Adaptor , suitable for holding , drills , center dills , slot drills, gun Drills etc.
These are to be used for Axial Loads .Not Recommended for Heavy Side Cuts.

Weldon holders are as per standard DIN 6359.
It is a Precision & Rigid Holder, most suitable for heavy axial & side loads.
it is best suitable for tools with weldon shanks as per DIN 1835 – B

We do not recommend SLA holders in place of Weldon holders , because SLA holders are not as rigid as Weldon Holders.

DMC holder is Die and Mould Chuck.
These holders are best suitable for Die and Mould machining of cavities difficult to reach.
It is very slim design holder, because there is no outer nut.
Precision threaded collets are supplied from 2.0 mm to 10.0 mm

PMC holder is Power Milling Chuck.
These are used, along with reduction sleeves.
It is a precision & most rigid holder, suitable for heavy depth of cuts may be axial or side cuts.

MCA holder is Milling Cutter Arbor.
It is a Precision holder for screw on type cutters.
The cutter clamps with threads and butts to face complete in right angle position, this gives rigid locking of cutter. It is good for any type of machining.

SFH means Shrink Fit Holder.
These holders are best suitable for holding of carbide shank tools.
Cutters are clamped by Heat and Shrinking technology and gives better run out compare to other tool holding systems.
It is most suitable for any type of suitable machining. The holder range is available in standard 4.5 degree and in slim series 3 degree.

We do not recommend HSS shank tools in SFH holders, because of co-efficient of expansion due to heat of SFH material and HSS material is almost same.

It is precision tool holding system which operates on hydraulic expansion technology.
Clamping and de-clamping of the tool operates with hydraulic fluid pressure with the help of hydraulic piston and clamping screw. Special seal is provided to give leakage free clamping.
When the clamping screw is actuated the clamping piston compresses the hydraulic fluid into the hydraulic oil chamber, the expansion sleeve expands towards the tool shank and tool clamps uniformly throughout the contact area. This gives strong radial grip to the tool and we get accurate tool run-out.
The hydraulic expansion chuck is to be used along with reduction sleeves, these are most recommended for axial loads for Die and Mould machining and machining of precision automobile components and wood working machines. The hydraulic chuck is easy to use and maintenance free design. Tool clamping with “T” allen key.

KWFLK is precision Quick Change Tapping Chuck, having length compression and expansion facility.
It is most suitable for CNC machines, manual drilling, milling and Lathe machines.
It is used along with safety clutch type KWES series tap adaptors or without safety clutch type KWE series tap adaptors.

The KWFLK series tap chucks comes in ranges of M3-M12, M8-M20, M14-M-33, M22-M48 tapping range.
So, for different taps, the initial pressure for entering into pre-tapped hole varies, therefore an adjusting screw mechanism is provided. While starting the tapping operation, we need little initial pressure to enter the tap in pre – tapped hole. This pressure can be adjusted manually by tightening or loosing the adjusting screw.

The MLC holder is Minimum Length Compensation Tapping Chuck.
It is mostly recommended for synchronized (rigid) tapping cycle at high speed.
It is most suitable for Die and Mould machining industries. The MLC holders can only be used in those CNC machines, having synchronized (rigid) tapping cycle.

The MLC ( Minimum Length Compensation) tapping chuck to be used along with ER series tap collets or along with KTA Quick Change Tap Collets (QCTC) series.

SK series holders cannot be used in place of BT series holders, because both standards are different.
SK series is as per standard (DIN 69871) DIN ISO 7388-1
BT series is as per standard ( BT MAS 403) DIN ISO 7388-2.

CAT series holders cannot be used in place of SK series holders, because both standards are different.
CAT series is an American standard (ANSI B 5.50)
SK series is as per standard (DIN 69871) DIN ISO 7388-1

KBT series holders are as per standard BT MAS 403.
These are taper and face contact holders. As spindle taper, spindle face and tool holder taper and face both comes in contact, the machine spindle and holder acts as one single unit. This allows higher radial rigidity and accuracy and we get good run-out on tool.

The BT series holders are as per standard (BT MAS 403) DIN ISO 7388 – 2.
In BT series holders, only taper comes in machine spindle contact. There is some gap between the spindle face and the tool holder face.

The KTA KWES series tap adaptors are with safety clutch features and Pre-torque set adaptors.
In these tap adaptors, the recommended torque value for the particular tap is pre- setted.
The safety clutch mechanism avoids the breakage of taps.
These tap adaptors are to be used along with KTA KWFLK series tap chucks.

Yes, you can use without safety clutch type tap adaptors (KWE series) in place of safety clutch type tap adaptors (KWES series), but it depends on the machine and work application.

The reasons of slipping the taps during operation are :-
1. Undersized pre- tapped hole drilling.
2. Taper drilling
3. Eccentric drilling
4. Mismatch of tap centre and pre- drilled hole centre.
5. Incorrect tap geometry.
6. Improper selection of tap adaptor.

The reasons for damaging and breaking the threads during tapping operations are :-
1. Use of damaged or blunt taps.
2. Incorrect speed and feed.
3. Improper champher to the pre-tapped holes.
4. New starting of threads while re-entering the tap.

With our tap adaptors for stainless steel material, it is preferable to use P. M. taps.i.e. powder metallurgy Taps with special coating suggested by the tap manufacturers.

For brass and aluminium material, with our tap adaptors, it is preferable to use flutless taps for damaged and break free tapping operation. Use thin type liquid as coolant to give superior tapping results.

For different types of castings the geometry is different, so for doing the tapping on casting material special taps geometry comes, which is recommended by the tap manufactures and the same taps can be used along with KTA tap adapters. We do not recommend any liquid as coolant media.