Regarding Holders

Q.1] Do you Supply AT3 Class Holders?
Yes, We supply external AT3 Class for 7/24 Taper ( Size 30,35,40,45,& 50) And also we supply AT3 Class Tapers ( Internal) in ‘ER’ series collect chucks.

Q.2] Do you supply balanced holders?
Yes our all the holders are balanced by design for 6.3 G 15000 rpm .We also supply all the HSK Holders 6.3 G 20000 RPM and some series in 2.5G 25000 RPM.

Q.3] Can we use your KTA Holders for Imported machine from Japan, Germany & & U.S.A?
Yes, our Holders are as per ISO Standards, DIN 69871, DIN2080 & MAS 403.

Regarding Tapping Products

Q.1] Do you supply Tapping Chucks for CNC Lathe and CNC Machining Centers Vertical and Horizontal?
Yes, Our “KWFLK” Series, acting on Compression and Expansion is very reliable and is BEST suitable for CNC Lathes and CNC Machining Centers, Vertical and Horizontal. It is available in Parallel Shanks, 20mm, 25mm, 32mm and 40mm and in ISO(DIN 69871), DIN2080 and MAS BT 403.etc mountings.

Q.2] Will tap stop after Touching to the Bottom?
Yes, Our Tapping Chucks with safety clutches are very reliable and tap will stop rotating as soon as it touches to the bottom, because of safety ball clutch mechanism.

Q.3] Many times we find oversize threads and Bell mounted too. What are the reasons for correction?

  • Misalignment
  • InCorrect feed rate
  • Incorrect pre-drilled Hole
  • Tapping Device or Machine faulty
  • Insufficient or Incorrect Lubricant
  • Incorrectly ground or eccentric Tap
  • Wrong tap Selection

Q.4] Many times we find damage to the start of the threads?
Slow return feed causing the full compression of the length compensation while the tap leaves the workpiece.

To correct this Increase the feed for the return movement, so that the tap leaves the workpiece when the length compensation is extended.

Q.5] The tap holder length compensation acting on compression is compressed before the tap starts to cut?

  • Tap is blunt or damaged
  • Tap drill hole is small or of insufficient depth
  • Burrs clogging
  • Torque setting too low
  • Incase of KWFLK series Adj. Screw setting improper
    • For Best Results
    • Use ‘KTA’ Tapping Chucks
    • Choose correct lubricants, use the correct type of tap for the job, use correct drill size
    • Choose the correct speeds and feeds, keep taps sharp, ensure thread guages are recently certified, they do wear.